Oh, The Places You’ll Eat

Taylor Rohleen

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Teenagers school-wide share their recommendations regarding the best eats in Brevard County.

Throughout the school day, concepts are exemplified, assignments are completed, tests are stressed over, and as times passes, students get hungry. The final bell rings and frees students from Satellite High School’s closed campus. Alas, the question must be answered: Where shall I go to eat? The options are endless, as Brevard County packs a culinary punch, if one knows the right places to look.

As the saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It fuels Scorps to have the energy to power through the school day. Cult classic, Bagel World, is favored among students for its accessibility, quick service, and fantastic eggel bagels. It is also a beloved weekend spot, so snatching a bagel prior to noon is key to ensuring one gets their favorite flavor.

For an afternoon sweet-tooth, satisfaction is guaranteed. Healthier spots like Juice n Java Cafe, Acai Express, and Surfinista have smoothies, acai bowls, and caffeinated beverages to help students power-through assignments to come. At Acai Express, Lina Frohberg recommends the Rainbow Bowl and lemonade because they’re “inexpensive.” Although, if one is “screaming for ice cream,” Surfin Turtle, Del’s Freez, and Moo’s all satiate the need for a creamy treat.  These ice cream shops generate partiality in many Scorps. Junior Enjolie Vadella insists that Surfin Turtle triumphs the other locations due to it being “nearby, cheap, and [having] the best ice cream ever”, whereas sophomore Cassidy Mckinnon favors “Del’s because it’s awesome”.

With all the debating over the best ice cream shop, students ought to get hungry again. Though sweet treats are lovely, savory meals yield more options for dining.

Groups often resort to Doubles, Grill’s Riverside, Long Doggers, and a NY Pizza House for their inexpensive menu and accommodating restaurant layout. For a smaller and more intimate, but still casual place to dine, something about Thai and Japanese fusion suits Scorps. Nippon Thai and the Thai Thai’s offer lunch specials and fresh rolls that suit Scorps’ budgets.

In some cases, a relaxed atmosphere doesn’t suit the occasion, as the ambiance of SHS generates bonds that must be celebrated. Whether aforementioned bonds are platonic or romantic, Chart House, River Rocks, and Haru Sushi Bar & Grill provide meals that delineate a more formal feel.

Throughout Brevard County, several restaurants proffer a distinct experience for each Scorp. It appears that closeness to home and price point prevail as the main factors to restaurant favoritism. Thankfully, there’s places to dine no matter where students live.