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“IDK” a poem by Noah Sutton

Noah Sutton

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when the lights go down and the stars go up

the pain seeps inside, and I start choking up

It’s a useless life when you want to die

so I wear my pain like brand new jeans

a hole in them if I start bleeding through


It can’t contain and it can’t be held, but it’s all you’ve got

until the reaper comes and tears you apart

oh, limb by limb and you will burn if you’ve ever sinned

a ounce of blood will account for lust

so I harm my own until the deed is done


oh, it’s a harmless life when you won’t decide

the clockwork of life will strike and the sun will rise

I wear my heart like my bodies numb

a love for life, a purpose to keep me asleep at night

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“IDK” a poem by Noah Sutton