Noah Sutton

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Artwork by Steven Masterson

Pretension is the cracks in the gap of attention

An abundance of affection;

A loveless transaction… of kisses over the moon

I’m sure nothing matters, you’ll get over it soon

Young and dumb, I hope that you get it

Or maybe you do; misunderstood intentions

I’m just afraid that you’ll fall out of placement

The wall I’ve built around me, harder than pavement

But softer it ages / let it open

There’s a party inside my chamber of ivy

Boiling down; won’t you make me feel lively

Serpents grip when it knows that I’m  lying


Holding onto pretensions;

Waiting but it’s missing;

missing affection

Let it open…

…Party in my chamber of ivy

No talk of us dying, or at least ‘till it’s done

Scarlet moon light; purple lipstick

It’s certainly a lover’s moment;

So caught in the seconds

Harness the aurora or try as I hold it

Perfectly framed, singing to the things that they told us

Holding onto the things that are gone

I’ve been looking so long,

in the meadow I wandered

In the hickory I just lost it…

In the moment I was exhausted

It’s okay, there’s a party tonight and the invitations are endless

Waiting in the moonlight arms slow

Fading out, watching you as my eyes close, my body turns cold

Life is to live, but wasted time is to die old

Only thing sadder is dying alone; Guide me tonight to the party in the ivy

With a warm hand to hold,

turn from a silhouette,

making up from the things that I’ve left