A Fair Amount of Fun

Trey Ecker

Trey Ecker, Editor-in-Chief

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The fair is a place of wonder and amusement. It is a world within worlds that takes you away from the daily stress of life and allows you to get lost in lights, rides, and food.

In the words of Templeton “a fair is a vertiable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord,” a blending of vastly different foods, ranging from pizza to corn-dogs to funnel cakes and fried oreos. The fun doesn’t stop there either – after stuffing yourself full of the delectable goods, one has to try to hold it all down while spinning and whirling around on various different rides such as the Sizzler, Zipper, and Himalaya. The Sizzler whips you around, slingshotting you around the centerpiece, causing your body to fly towards the outside of the cart. Slightly different than the sizzler is the Zipper a combination of a ferris wheel, a slingshot, and a roller coaster. The Zipper locks you into a closed cart and propels you into the air rotating around center, sending you spiraling into multiple flips. The Himalaya, on the other hand, just simply spins you around like a carousel except much faster, and in a cart rather than on a unicorn.

Yet the fair doesn’t just offer delicious food and dizzying rides; it also allows people of all ages to try their hand at winning oversized plush toys, goldfish, or giant inflatable aliens.

Overall the fairs is just a place for friends and family to spend time together, share laughs, food and memories that can last a lifetime.