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Expectations vs. Reality: Thanksgiving Style

Chloe Frederick, Staff

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Thanksgiving is celebrated in so many different ways, whether it’s the traditional family dinner or a meal at a restaurant.

If your family is the type to keep it traditional, you’d know it’s no walk in the park.  The real question behind this holiday is so: Does everything during this holiday meet our expectations, or, in reality, does it not go as planned?  The expectations we hold are sometimes aimed too high, causing us to stress out and become annoyed by even the littlest thing.  During the holiday, every family member has their own expectation of how they perceive their day will start and how it will end.

The start of Thanksgiving can either be blissful or bitter, depending upon whether you are stuck on a last minute flight, or you arrive at your destination on time.  Once you arrive, you might find the household a little overwhelming.  Your mom is stuck in the kitchen baking away, in attempt to make the perfect golden turkey: She is so focused on the food that she can’t keep a steady conversation. Then, you might have family members who are planted in the living room screaming, because their favorite team is about to complete a touchdown.  Despite all this, you envisioned upon arrival everything that would already be prepared, and you could all sit immediately at the dinner table as one big, happy family.   

Once dinner does finally begins, it is over before you know it!  Everyone is so hungry, they end up devouring their food like they are vikings, when you envisioned everyone would be sitting at the table eating while carrying a good conversation and reminiscing about the good old times.  

Then, after dinner, your family might all disappear in different rooms of the house, leaving some lucky family member behind to help clean up the dinner table, when you envisioned everyone would pitch in to help clean the table in time to play a board game together.

 By the end of the day, you find yourself either feeling like your Thanksgiving was celebrated just like in the movies, or that you’ve had enough of your family to last you a lifetime.

In the end, however, does it really matter how things play out?  The great part about Thanksgiving is that it is a time to spend with your family, laugh, make memories, be grateful, and, most importantly, be yourself.  It will never be perfect, but at least it will be real.  So, during Thanksgiving, remember to stop, take deep breaths and just take it all in.

Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  

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Chloe Frederick, Staff

I’m Chloe a current writer for the Telstar, at Satellite high. I’m also a Satellite swimmer. I love music, and long walks….. To the fridge (bet...

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Expectations vs. Reality: Thanksgiving Style