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Star Wars: The Last Review

Eli Wilson, Staff

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Star Wars, Arguably one of the most popular movie series in the realm of entertainment, has just come out with its’ eighth episode; Star Wars, The Last Jedi. I recently went to see the movie in theaters and found that there were many elements of the film that were enjoyable and many aspects that more avid Star Wars fans may find did not serve full justice to the original 6 movies.

First and foremost, the characters all feel a bit shoehorned in and the development of said characters was abysmal. Characters like Finn and Rose had little to no background information and were pretty much just thrown into the 7th episode. Rose essentially ranks up about 100 fold when she turns from under deck ship mechanic to a full blown speeder warrior, even doing things like saving Finns life in an extremely extravagant and dramatic scene. I don’t know how anyone can make that kind of promotion possible, but Rose sure did figure it out.

The second key flaw was the fact that the movie is called Star Wars. Yet there’s no authentic war scenes. I mean we only see the storm troopers maybe four times, and the only time we see them in a full army formation, is when they’re standing still doing nothing in the barracks of The Supremacy. In fact there aren’t even any true lightsaber battles, which are staples to the originally film series.

All of that aside the movie held some pretty incredible cinematic moments like The Supremacy stopping in space from lightspeed leaving everybody in the theatres mouth wide open. There were tons of visually incredible moments in the film, but the plot (in my opinion) just makes the movie not really worth seeing.

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Star Wars: The Last Review