24 Hours in Tampa, FL

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24 Hours in Tampa, FL

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick

Chloe Frederick, Staff

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This previous weekend, I took a last minute trip to Tampa, FL, and decided to take my camera and vlog my experience for 24 hours.



3:30 pm
Left school and heading home to pick up luggage.

3:45 pm
Hitting the road!

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Stuck in traffic. The drive was expected to last only 2 hours and 30 minutes, but, due to heavy traffic, our trip ended after 4 hours on the road.

8:00 pm
Finally arrived in Tampa, FL.
Checked into hotel. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the manager and quickly checked in.

8:30 pm
Left hotel to go pick up some food. Because we hadn’t eaten a real meal that day, we decided to take a late drive to Red Lobster. We both ordered a warm soup to warm our spirits on this cold night.

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick
Drinks at Red Lobster.

9:00 pm
Arrived back at the hotel. Instantly after getting back, we both began to get ready for bed and soon after I fell asleep.

7:03 am
Woke up to the sound of a TV describing the weather Florida would undertake that day.

7:30 am
Started getting ready soon after I got out of bed, preparing myself for a day full of exploring.

8:05 am

Left for breakfast!

8:42 am
After a drive that seemed to never end, we finally pulled into the quaint Sage Biscuit. It’s a well known restaurant in the county and has been recognized by Tribune Times. I decided to go with their biscuits and gravy, because it is a quintessential item on the menu.

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick
The menu at Sage Biscuit.

9:30 am
Headed to Bradenton, FL, driving downtown to discover the South Florida Museum.

11:00 am
Roamed around the museum taking pictures.

Photo Credit Chloe Frederick
A replica model of a mammoth at the museum.


1:00 pm
Left the museum and roamed around downtown.

1:30 pm
Walked around for about 30 minutes, to then stumble upon a small farmers market. We found a family from Italy who shared stories with us of how beautiful Italy is.

1:50 pm
Grabbed a cup of coffee from a small cafe on a corner street. Ordered a small, french vanilla iced coffee.

2:00 pm
Headed back to Satellite Beach. The drive back seemed to go by quickly and had little or no traffic.But, then again, I fell asleep within 10 minutes of our departure.

4:15 pm
Arrived back home!