Satellite High School National School Walkout

Taylor Rohleen

Taylor Rohleen

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Today, at 10am, hundreds of Satellite High School students gathered in solidarity for the #ENOUGH National School Walkout.

The event commenced with a moment of solidarity for the lives lost at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. During this, every student bowed their heads to pay their respects for the deaths of these students and faculty.

Senior Class Vice President Kelli Lynch then gave a speech which summarized the intent of the walkout. Opining the hopes of Satellite High School’s students, Lynch affirmed, “Never again. That’s what we ask for.”

Following Lynch’s address was a performance by Ten Tones, who sang “We Shall Walk through the Valley in Peace,” by Moses Hogan. They held hands as they performed, uniting the school’s message through their vocals.

Chris Bruno, thereafter, spoke about the tragedy and how society must live their lives in wake of this. As the last speaker of the walkout, Bruno called Scorps to action, stating how society must reflect upon the shooting and strive for peace because of it.

After the walkout and during lunch, students signed a banner that freshman Brooke Cohen-Pinsky will hold at March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

The mass of students who gathered in accord astounded Satellite High School’s faculty: Principal Mark Elliott believes that “it was outstanding and the students did a fantastic job.” Elliott estimates that about 500 students attended, and of those who didn’t attend, he remarks that those students “remained respectful” to those who had.

Below is a slideshow of the event.