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Taylor Rohleen

Taylor Rohleen

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Nestled between US1 and Pine Street lies Mamasan’s Vietnamese Cafe, a quaint Viet eatery in Cocoa, FL. Its spring green walls invite the customer to enter a venue reminiscent of an authentic Southeast Asian establishment: The menu is broadcasted on the board in chalk and the foliage around the restaurant conveys tropical vibes.

The staff kindly greets each customer, leading them to their intimate table that features various dipping sauces and seasonings. A major plus to Mamasan’s is the staff’s knowledge of the menu: As a vegan, they were very accommodating to my needs and provided me with information on what was and wasn’t vegan, along with how to modify options on the menu to suit my dietary restrictions.

I ordered their Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese spring roll) and their Vegan Phở. To make the Gỏi Cuốn vegan, I omitted the meat and substituted the peanut sauce for sweet chili sauce. After ordering, the meal arrived with little wait.

The Gỏi Cuốn was a refreshing start to the meal. A self proclaimed foodie, I am very particular about the freshness of these rolls. Thankfully, the rice paper was supple, unlike many premade versions from other restaurants: They typically end up chewy, ruining the authentic, crisp bite of the dish. For the sauces, even though I selected the sweet chili sauce out of obligation, I prefer this to its peanut counterpart: The tang and sweetness complemented the crunch of the vegetables nicely. In most cases, the peanut sauce overpowers the subtle nuances of the herbivorous flavor, so sweet chili sauce FTW.

While sampling the Gỏi Cuốn, the Phở arrived before I had a chance to finish. This provided the opportunity to go back and forth when sampling each item: The juxtaposition between the cool rolls and the broiled broth keep the taste buds on their toes!

As for the Phở, it was PHENOMENAL. The meal included a plentiful bowl of soup accompanied with a side of bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime, jalapeno, and vegetarian hoisin sauce. This allows the customer to modify the soup to their desires, making it more salty/spicy/sour as they please.

Photo Credit Taylor Rohleen
The sides of bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime, jalapeno, and vegetarian hoisin sauce that accompany the dish.

The broth held intense depth of flavor, swarming my taste buds with authentic Vietnamese spices and flavors. The noodles weren’t gummy, which is a major plus, and the vegetables were fresh. It seemed like the bowl would last forever―it was HUGE―and I ended up with lots of leftovers to enjoy later.

Overall, Mamasan’s definitely gains my approval. I cannot wait to visit them again to reorder that heavenly Phở and try their bubble tea. If you’re ever in the Cocoa area, I highly recommend dining there, and even if you live further away, it is surely worth the trek.