Scorps “Sting” State Latin Forum

Taylor Rohleen

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From April 19-21st, twenty-eight members from Satellite High’s Latin program attended the 69th State Latin Forum in Orlando, FL.

The team placed 4th in creatives and 6th overall. This performance is significantly better than that of the year prior, as Satellite had remained 4th in creatives but dropped to 9th place overall.

Mr. Granholm, head of the Latin program, attributes their outstanding performance to enforced study sessions and a qualified team: These students, in order to remain “in good standing” to attend forum, were required to study for a minimum of two hours per week and turn in practice tests to record their progress.

Thankfully, all of the Scorps’ efforts have paid off well.

In academic contests, Freshman Dominic DiPeppe placed 5th in Greek Derivatives I. DiPeppe attributes his success to Livi King, who has been mentoring and coaching DiPeppe in this category over the past 6 months. King herself placed 1st in Greek Derivatives Advanced; and, with a score of 43, she received the Best of Show award. For the rest of the “Greeks and freaks,” in Mythology I, Freshman Olivia Tremmel received 4th place, Junior Dragan Valdez won 1st place in Hellenic History I, and Blake Blanchard scored 4th place in Hellenic History II.

In the “pure Latin” tests, Seniors Trey Ecker and Kira Downs commanded the competition in their last year of forum: Ecker placed 3rd in Latin Literature Advanced and Downs placed 4th in Latin Derivatives Advanced, respectively. Concurrent with the aforementioned Scorps, Junior Taylor Rohleen received 2nd place in PMAQ (Phrases, Mottoes, Abbreviations, Quotations) Advanced.

Along with the academic tests, many of these students submitted or performed in various creative contests: Junior Morgaine Gunn drew Artemis and her stag, placing 3rd in her category, and Sophomore Kerianne Prukala placed 5th in her mosaic. In Orations, Sophomore Grace Weston placed 1st, Dipeppe placed 2nd, and Valdez placed 5th. For his handcrafted wooden swords, Freshman Frank Tuozzo placed 2nd. In Illustrated NoteBook, Freshman Brielle Locke placed 4th. In Declamations, Downs placed 2rd. Junior Leo Adaryukov placed 4th in his Modern Myth on Ganymede and his unusual adventures in the Underworld. Regarding Models, Senior John Golden placed 2nd for his working waterwheel sawmill, and Freshman Hudson McKee placed 1st.

For Dramatic Interpretations, Satellite swept many of the placements: In Level I Female, Freshman Alex Wright placed 5th; in Level II Female, Sophomore Heather Pickert placed 3rd; in Advanced Prose Female, Rohleen placed 3nd; in Advanced Poetry Female, King placed 1st; in Advanced Poetry Male, Ecker placed 3rd.

King, due to scoring 1st place in both categories, was recognized with double firsts at Closing Assembly. This is a prestigious achievement that few have the honor of holding. As a Senior, it it a great accomplishment to achieve this prior to graduation.

In addition to the contests, Satellite’s very own, Junior Class President Taylor Rohleen, was elected to the office of Vice President of the Florida Junior Classical League. While at State Latin Forum, she campaigned for this position and won. She is also the first officer to be elected from a public school since the 2015-2016 board: Daniel Griessler, former SHS student and President of the FJCL, was the last officer from a public school until Rohleen.

This, for many underclassmen, was their first year attending State Latin Forum. The enriching experience has bonded these students with not only eachother, but the Classics. With the high scoring of several Satellite Latin Scorps, they return from forum proud of their results and their team. They hope to improve upon their performance, with the goal of placing as a top 5 overall school in the coming years. Ad astra per aspera.