An Open Letter To…

Jazz Dawkins, Staff

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Dear Whoever,


Over the summer I thought I found myself finally feeling like I had someone to be here for. I finally felt real. I took the weight off my shoulders and I planned to set it aside for a while, like we intended, if only we were on the same page. Now, I find myself wondering who’s at fault. When I sort it out and begin to think it was mine, my thoughts say not to blame it on myself, and I don’t. I push all the blame on you because it can’t be me who ruined the only good thing I had going for myself. You were the only good thing going for me. You were the first person who didn’t think platonic love was weird and accepted it. You liked my philosophy and I thought you liked what I had to say. You wanted me to come over and you wanted to see me. You liked my clothes. You liked my views. You liked my naivety and inexperience. You liked being around and I liked being there. But I got tired. I started to spiral and you caught me at the worst time possible. I still don’t know if I should apologize. Everyday the anger goes away piece by piece. I still get annoyed but I think about you less and it’s good. I think it’s been a year and at least I can say that all I have left is settle resentment for you.