Tips For When You’re Grounded

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Tips For When You’re Grounded

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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  1. Do NOT argue/give your parents attitude: If you disagree with something either say “okay” and walk away, or calmly present why you disagree. Arguing and having attitude will not help anything, you’ll probably just get into more trouble. If you accidentally give attitude (we are all guilty of this), take a deep breath and apologize for talking to them that way.
  2. Do NOT sit around: When I say this, I mean don’t sit on your phone all day. From my experience, cleaning the entire house when my parents aren’t home shows that I’m taking responsibility for the mistakes I made. After your house is spotless top to bottom, go for a run or do some type of exercise. This shows that you aren’t being lazy and sulking that you’re grounded.
  3. Own up to your mistake: It doesn’t matter what you did, just apologize to your parents and explain to them how you learned from your action that got you into trouble.
  4. Don’t ask to do anything too soon: Depending on how much trouble you are in, wait a week or so to ask to do anything.
  5. Help around the house: Don’t wait for your parents to ask you to do something. Do yard work, help with dinner, do the chores you normally don’t do, fold your laundry, etc. This shows that you are stepping up and accomplishing something productive.
  6. Relax: If you’re in a lot of trouble (I’m sure you’re not the only one, we’ve all been there), listen to some music, go outside and get some fresh air, draw/paint, read a book, do something that will take your mind off you things for a bit. Don’t stress yourself too much, we all make mistakes.

Just remember, no matter how much trouble you’re in, your parents still love you and just want the best for you. Time heals all wounds, remember to stay positive and be respectful towards your parents, because at the end of they day, they are the only people who will love you no matter what.