The Spark Lit by a Question

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The Spark Lit by a Question

Photo Credit Elizabeth Gabbard

Photo Credit Elizabeth Gabbard

Photo Credit Elizabeth Gabbard

Elizabeth Gabbard, Staff

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My dear we hadn’t talked since it all came crumbling down.

The glass was shattered, hearts that once pumped hot with compassion

froze in attempts to stay safe.

But my dear, I’ve picked up all the jagged shards, blood spilling from my hands,

and though the mirror will never reflect the same again, it will serve its broken job with

a never ending love for what it does.

And my dear, the heart that I once froze over, only causing problems and pain, is beginning to thaw.


Maybe it’s the things I’ve gone through since you’ve been away, or maybe it was something I never wanted to let go of in the first place.

Darling you once filled my life with a light brighter than any other, and though you may have dulled as the distance grew between us

I will always need a light to see when I’m trapped in the dark.

I understand that this all may mean nothing to you, and you may push this to the side

but this is what I’ve wanted to say to you, though I kept it all inside.

We’ve grown as people, and with our spirits grow too,

I hope that one day they may shed our pasts and we can start with something new.

Until that day however, I’ll never be too far

A constant shoulder to cry on, or just a quick drive in my mother’s car.

I never went away my dear, I’ve been watching from afar,

I’ve finally found a way my dear to let you back into my heart.