The Power Puff Showdown: 2018 Edition.

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The Power Puff Showdown: 2018 Edition.

Ashley Basford, Section Editor

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Powder puff is the ultimate showdown for the seniors and the juniors to prove who the better class is. Going into the game, the juniors talked A LOT of smack on Twitter, Snapchat, you name it, so you can imagine the furry in the seniors eyes when the game began.

Coming into the game seniors already had the advantage because the juniors only practiced twice before the game, whereas the seniors had been practicing a week in advance. The senior coaches included: Alex Iervasi(head coach), Caden Larkin(defense coach), Luis Morris(offense coach), and Nunu Abendroth(announcer). The junior coaches included: Trevor Fish, Alex Goodale, Beau Cole, Scott Wieand, and Filipe Brugger.

Starting offense on the seniors side included: Sara Towers, Chelsea Basford, Lucy Mahorner, Kasey Crooks, Peyton Turnetti, Alexis Peri, Kelly Strealea, and Makayla Wilinsky. Starting defense on the seniors side included: Julia Hoffman, Ashley Basford, Lindsey Morrison, Becca Yaunches, Jamie Wood, Destiny Rodriguez, Grace Coston, and Holly Carter.

The juniors didn’t have a set offense and defense so here is a list of the people who played: Lana Rukab, Abigail Cowart, Megan Graves, Ashley Nunn, Samantha Baugh, Tori Hammond, Rachel Pagen, Natalie Trio, Mackenzie Costa, Louisa Kahn, Georgie Lorenzen, Samantha Martin, Christina Stephens, Chloe Wheeler, Chloe Taylor, and Cheyenna Parnell.

Although powder puff is said to be a no contact sport, we had a couple injuries… First off, Natalie Trio was trying to escape the defense but to her dismay, she was cornered and hit her head on one of the girls collar bones taking a wild tumble downward. Chelsea Basford took a fall, fracturing her foot after Lana Rukab trucked into her with the ball, breaking the rules of “no physical contact”, but who needs rules anyway? Holly Carter played awesome defense; however, she put a couple girls on the ground (on accident). Lana Rukab had her share of putting the seniors on the ground but since “there’s no I in team”, that wasn’t enough for the juniors to win. Ashley Basford thought she was superman and ate it after diving to grab Megan Graves flag and failed while playing defense. Julia Hoffman, could be D1 powder puff star, blocked any and every pass thrown to her opponent. Natalie Trio took another hit when Holly Carter grabbed her flag and accidentally pulled her down with it just short of the end zone.

Some amazing plays of the game include the juniors when Megan Graves managed to escape the defense and run a touchdown. Senior Sara Towers ran a touchdown after catching the ball amongst all of the defenders and no one could pull her flag. Senior Destiny Rodriguez caught an interception and ran 20 yards. Junior Lana Rukab caught the ball and ran a touchdown while avoiding the defenders. Senior Holly Carter caught an impressive throw by Lucy Mahorner and ran a touchdown.

The game went back and forth for a while, but the seniors soon began a lead. With one second left in the game the juniors would have to make a run of it if they wanted to win, sadly, the pass fell short and the seniors took the championship.

Overall, the powder puff experience was one of a lifetime so next year if your on the line of whether or not you want to play, take some advice and play. The point of powder puff is to have a good time and maybe add some healthy competition between the juniors in the seniors and although the seniors took the victory, everyone had a good time.