The Unwritten Rules

The Telstar Staff

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We all have rules that are unspoken but are somehow always known. These rules are for the workplace, relationships, or life in general. But, it seems that rules for teenagers can be the most specific, unique, or downright confusing and contradictory pieces of advice ever to be said. So, take a few of these with a heaping pile of salt. We advise you to follow these guidelines in the future.


Rule 1: Go to high school events.

Go alone, go with friends, or go find some! Either way, make the best of high school because it’s only four years. While classes drag on and every school day feels like an eternity, before you know it, a whole year will have passed and you will have realized that you didn’t attend any sports games or school dances.


Rule 2: A small circle of friends isn’t a bad thing.

With a big group of friends comes misunderstandings and FOMO*; however, with a smaller group of friends, the dynamic shifts: Everyone looks out for each other, and it’s truly the best feeling ever. Quality is more important than quantity.


Rule 3: Don’t freak out when someone leaves you on read.

Most people will open a message, go do something else, and reply when they have a chance. Don’t get mad at the person or spam their phone with more messages if you see that they have opened your message.


Rule 4: Headphones are a privilege, not a right.

If the teacher lets you to listen to music, tread with caution. Don’t take advantage of the teachers generosity: Anyone caught listening to music without the teacher’s permission, will most likely have their phones taken away.


Rule 5: Please keep moving in the halls.

Generally students follow the flow of traffic: staying on the right side when walking down the halls. But, it is slow going, and congestion generally happens around intersections, doors, and the stairs. This often leads to a complete hold up in traffic. So please do not stop in the middle of the hall: It’s really annoying and can make others late to their classes.


Rule 6: You will eternally be tired.

Between school, homework, sports, and extracurricular activities, you have little free time during the week and, as a result, will almost always get to bed late. If you are not experiencing this, you’re doing it wrong.


Rule 7: Always be yourself.

Don’t change something because someone else doesn’t like it. The things you like make you unique and different from everyone around you, and if you change for others, you’ll probably regret it as you get older―people notice when you’re acting like someone you’re not. If your friends can’t accept who you are, then they are not your true friends.


Rule 8: Stay on top of your hygiene!

There’s nothing worse than talking to a classmate with morning breath, or breaking out because you were too lazy to take your makeup off the night before. If you stay looking good, you’ll stay feeling good.


Rule 9: Mi casa NO su casa.

If you allow friends into your home and they don’t respect it or your personal belongings, they don’t respect you. Don’t let anyone ruin your life by ruining your happy dwelling.


Rule 10: Practice Safe Social Media™.

Students who often use social media are more susceptible to becoming cyberbullies, or being cyberbullied themselves, and that is not fun. So, be safe and be nice!


These four years are known to be the best years of your life. Don’t take them for granted, and always strive to make the best out of a bad situation. But in the end, if you don’t get all that you had hoped out of your highschool experience, don’t sweat it. There’s plenty more wonderful experiences waiting for you beyond these halls.


*Fear of Missing Out