Weekly Links: Special investigation Edition

Blake Blanchard

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Welcome to Telstar’s Weekly Links, a weekly segment where we share some of the week’s most relevant news, on a national and local scale.

Ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight charges of tax and bank fraud and for failing to disclose foreign bank accounts, in his trial in Virginia, on Tuesday August 21st. The jury failed to reach a verdict on ten other charges and it has yet to be seen if those will go to retrial. This verdict was reached just minutes after President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in a New York court to breaking campaign finance laws. The charges relate to hush money paid to President Trump’s alleged lovers. While these men were being investigated as part of Robert Mueller’s special counsel to discover whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, these charges do not connect the Trump campaign to Russia.

Arizona senator John McCain, age 81, passed away this past Saturday August 25th. This occurred after his family announced on Friday, August 24th that he would be stopping treatment for an aggressive brain tumor he was diagnosed with in July 2017. He is to lay in state Phoenix, Arizona, and Washington DC before being buried in Annapolis, Maryland.

Playwright Neil Simon has passed away from complications with pneumonia on Sunday, August 26th, in Manhattan, New York. Simon is best known for his broadway plays which helped redefine American humor through the frictions of urban livings and the struggles of family intimacy. In 1991, Simon won a Tony Award and a Pulitzer prize for his play “Lost in Yonkers.”