Florida Primaries

Jazzarie Dawkins, Staff

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What is a primary election?

Also called a preliminary election, a primary election is an election to appoint final Republican and Democrat candidates for the general election.  The 2018 Florida primary election was Tuesday, August 28th. A general election is the election that selects the final candidate for office. The 2018 Florida general election in November 6th.

Florida will also have a Senate election. Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is running against former Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott. The Florida Senate election will also be held on November 6th.  

Who ran for each side?

  • Democratic
    • Andrew Gillum
    • Gwen Graham
    • Jeff Greene
    • Chris King
    • Philip Levine
  • Republican
    • Ron DeSantis
    • Adam Putnam

Who won?

Democratic Nominee Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum won the Democratic nominee. His campaign is being endorsed by former 2016 presidential candidate and current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Gillum is the Mayor of Tallahassee since 2014, having made history as the youngest person ever to be elected Tallahassee City Commision, and he could do so again by being Florida’s first black governor. His campaign promises include “[confronting] the challenges we’ve shrunk from over the past 20 years: rebuilding our economy, revitalizing public education, protecting and expanding healthcare access, and addressing our climate change crisis with a clean energy economy.”

Republican Nominee Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis won the Republican nominee. His campaign is being endorsed by current President Donald Trump. DeSantis is a former military personnel, U.S. Representative for Florida’s Sixth District, and current Florida Congressman since 2013. He takes pride in being Florida’s #1 conservative and being an Iraq veteran. His campaign promises include continuing Florida’s economic momentum, improving education, stopping illegal immigration, defending conservative views, and much more.