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The Details on the Mural Contest

Shania Campbell, Staff

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Submissions for the Satellite High School mural contest organized by SGA are currently being accepted until November 19th.


The idea for the mural began with Sophomore Class Officers Davis Orr, Dominic DiPeppe, and Brooke Cohen-Pinsky. Their goal with the mural is to “brighten the face of the campus” and “represent fine arts,” according to Cohen-Pinsky. With so many artistically talented and fine arts students at Satellite High School, a mural would be a way to showcase the creativity among the students. Cohen-Pinsky stated their original goal was to “do it for the memorial garden, but then [they] realized that a mural isn’t that permanent.” Instead, they decided that it would be used to “show the students [that] SGA is causing change, so they will be in more support of the garden and want to help [fix it].” The memorial garden is in need of some major TLC and many students don’t even know it exists, because the garden is hidden among the shadows of the courtyard.


Students can bring their submissions to Mr. Bowman (room 8-126) with the submission requirements sheet from Edline filled out and attached via paperclip. After submissions close on November 19th, SGA will choose three submissions on which to be voted by the students for the best mural design. The submission with the most votes will be used as the mural design on the wall near the memorial garden.


Submission requirements: (also available via this link)

  • Must be beach themed
  • Must have a scorpion
  • Done on plain, white, 8 x 11 copy paper or cardstock
  • Must be in color
  • Use markers or colored pens
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The Details on the Mural Contest