Why Homecoming Is Better Than Prom

Lexi Rankin, Staff

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Homecoming and Prom have similarities, but, for the most part, they are different and some usually prefer one more than the other. For me, Homecoming is the way to go.


Homecoming for most high schools is a week-long planned event with events like spirit week and the Homecoming football game leading up to the dance. Dresses for Homecoming are typically shorter in length to accompany the less casual event, which creates a comfortable and breathable feeling.


Prom, on the other hand, I find dreadful and slightly uncomfortable.


Prom is a very formal event making it expensive. You may end up spending $100-200 on a dress that you will probably never wear again, along with the added cost of shiny high heels and other accessories. For most schools, tickets are around $50, only adding to the cost. People feel the need to rent limos and go out to dinner at very expensive places, just to go to a dance that is playing bad music. People think they should go to Prom and make it the most wonderful night of their life and, when turns out mediocre or just plain ordinary, they end up feeling guilty, as if it wasn’t the highlight of their high school career. There is simply too much materialism behind it.


While Prom may not be my favorite, but too some people it is an experience and creates many memory and that is the most important thing.