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A Briefing on Red Tide

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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Recently, beachgoers have complained about the dead fish lined up along the shore caused by the red tide. Red tide is an algae bloom caused by species of dinoflagellates and other algae. Red tide toxins can cause coughing and irritated throats, along with sneezing and teary eyes.

The algae can be harmful towards marine life, provoking shellfish poisoning and being dangerous towards sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, and even birds. Fish are commonly affected during red tide.

It is safe to eat fish during red tide as long as the fish is filleted before ingesting. Toxins may compile in the entrails of the fish, but, when filleted, the toxins are eliminated; however, it is not safe to consume a fish that is picked apart or dead in the red tide region.

It is permitted to swim during red tide, but, be aware that skin irritation and burning eyes may occur. Do not swim near dead fish, because they can affiliate with unsafe bacteria.

Refrain red tide areas if you suffer with severe or chronic respiratory conditions.   

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A Briefing on Red Tide