Graphic by Taylor Rohleen.
Graphic by Taylor Rohleen.

Maintaining Long-Distance Friendships

Keeping the Love Alive

October 22, 2018

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So, your friend is gone and you’re missing them. Perhaps they graduated or moved. You know that they’re still in your life, but their current location makes it feel like they’re very far away, leaving you with a lingering, odd sensation. It’s as if there’s a proverbial pit in your soul and you’re not quite sure how to fill it. Fear not: The following five options are geared to connect you with your favorite lad.


  • FaceTime! Sometimes you just miss seeing their face, and FaceTime is a remedy for that. If you find yourself with a spare chunk of time, ask if they want to talk! Find a comfy spot and a good set of headphones. Your soul will feel nourished after reconnecting.


  • Send Care Packages/Letters! Have fun with this one. If you’re at the store and see a small gift that reminds you of them, ship it to them! Craft a package full of love. Since it’s autumn, send some Halloween candy or candles. Attach cute notes to each item and explain why you picked it out for them. Try to keep the weight of everything relatively light, unless you’re okay with paying a lot in shipping. Another option is to send them a handwritten card. Pour out your soul, ask the most odd of inquiries, and tell them what is on your mind. This is your letter, after all. Plus, you can still stuff tiny goodies and surprises in the envelope to add a touch of pizazz.


  • Text & Call on the Regular. This isn’t exactly the same as FaceTiming, in that it’s much quicker and often happens on spur of the moment. If you find a funny meme, send it their way―it’ll brighten their day. Many of my friends (both long-distance and local) DM me the most random content, and I absolutely adore it. It’s a lighthearted way to connect and share an amusing experience. On a more earnest note, if you find yourself stuck in traffic or bored during a drive, call them! It’s always nice to hear their voice and chat mindlessly.


  • Visit! Travel their way or vice versa. You could also meet halfway, spending a day or a weekend together. If they’re in college, visiting would be a great opportunity to tour the campus and get a realistic idea of the institution’s vibe, since college tours often do not showcase the true essence of the school.


  • Tell Them You Love Them! It’s a delight to hear and it’ll make their day. That is all.


Above all, my best advice is to continue making memories, despite the distance between one another. Get creative, get crafty, and get crazy. Good luck!

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