Spooky Baskets

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Spooky Baskets

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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Spooky baskets are filled with Halloween-themed gifts for friends or significant others. Don’t know what to put in yours? Check out the following list:



  • Anything Fuzzy: Fuzzy themed socks, Halloween blankets, pajamas, stuffed animals.
  • Candy: Pick their favorite candy or give them gum.
  • Water Bottles: S’well are popular water bottles or you can purchase a cute mug.
  • Scented Candles: Some fall favorites are mahogany teakwood, marshmallow fireside, leaves, and flannel.
  • Halloween Movies: Check out “Must-see Halloween Movies” for some ideas.
  • Self Care Items: Face masks, lotion, perfume, lip scrubs, bath bombs. You can even add things like hair-ties, scrunchies, nail polish.
  • Flowers: Surprise them with their favorite flowers.
  • Handwritten Letters: Write them a letter telling them how much you appreciate them!



  • Food:Pick their favorite candy or add snacks they enjoy.
  • Self Care Items: Body wash or cologne: Pick your favorite scent! Or, select a face mask that you can do together.
  • Movies or Video Games: Include Halloween movies or a new video game you know they would like.
  • Things for Their Car: A car charger or car freshners.