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25 Days of Christmas Activities

Shania Campbell, Staff

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The holiday season has approached; so, for those ecstatic about Christmas or even need a bit more to get into the spirit, here’s a list of 25 activities and traditions to do every day of December leading up to Christmas day itself. The list also includes easy things to do at school on the exam week to make more time for studying.

December 1st

Decorate the outside of your house.

December 2nd

Decorate inside your house.

December 3rd

Put a twist on the Elf on the Shelf tradition: Have one person hide the elf at night and whoever finds it in the morning gets to hide it that night.

December 4th

Listen to Christmas music while you do homework or chores. Listen to music through your phone or spread the festivity by turning the TV to the holiday music channel.

December 5th

Plant poinsettias in your garden: Plant fake ones to make sure they keep the garden beautiful all month.

December 6th

Buy a Christmas coloring book and spend a couple of hours each week coloring it

December 7th

Have a family photoshoot to use for Christmas cards.

December 8th

Go Christmas shopping for family: Either go to retail stores or the mall in search of the perfect gift, or go to craft fairs and thrift stores to find more unique products.

December 9th

Go to the movie theatre and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with your friends.

December 10th

Write a letter to Santa just like when you were young.

December 11th

Build a gingerbread house: If you have siblings, divide the house into sections for each of you to decorate how you want.

December 12th

Watch a Hallmark movie or two with the family and drink hot cocoa: Decorate the hot cocoa with whipped cream and festive sprinkles for a holiday touch.

December 13th

Make Christmas cookies with your family.

December 14th

Have a family game night.

December 15th

Do a photoshoot with your dog or cat dressed in Christmas clothes.

December 16th

Bike or drive through your neighborhood with family or friends and look at all of the decorations. You can also go to Candy Cane Lane or the Space Coast Lightfest in Wickham Park. They’re both lit festively all December..

December 17th

Look for Santa riding past your house on a firetruck from the 17th to the 22nd.

December 18th

Wear reindeer antlers to school.

December 19th

Wear an ugly Christmas sweater to school.

December 20th

Wear a Santa hat to school.

December 21st

Take a festive Christmas bath: Add holiday scented bath bomb, decorate around the tub, and relax to some Christmas music or a good book.

December 22nd

Spend one night camping out under the Christmas tree with family.

December 23rd

Finish your last minute Christmas shopping: You can also donate to charity by buying gifts for children who might not be able to get gifts. There are boxes in some retail stores, including Walmart, where you can drop off gifts for kids that you bought in the store.

December 24th

Go online to the Santa Tracker and watch Santa make his deliveries around the world.

December 25th

Videotape your family opening gifts to remember in the years to come.

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25 Days of Christmas Activities