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An Open Letter to My Past Self


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Dear Past Self,

At 8:16am I sat doing my makeup, dancing along to some stupid song and singing quietly as the rain dripped off my window awning. I couldn’t help but smile as I realized that nothing was bothering me—nothing made me anxious or upset, confused or uncomfortable. I sat there and realized I was finally happy, and for no particular reason. I realized that whether the duration of this feeling is long or short lived, the knowledge of its presence is important. You’re going to be happy. It may really suck right now but it’s going to be okay. I know you tell yourself that every day but, hey, it’s actually true. Your grades might not always be great, but remember that grades will never accurately measure intelligence. Grades measure your ability to memorize information and diligence to do work at home. Just keep working and you’ll get here. It’ll be okay.

From, Your Now-okay Self

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An Open Letter to My Past Self