We Are Sources of Strength

December 6, 2018

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Sources of Strength is a peer-led suicide prevention organization implemented in high schools nationwide to increase conversations surrounding mental health among young adults. Sources’s vision is to apply one’s strengths to help them solve problems, decrease stress, increase positive mindsets, bring people together, and encourage a community of people. On October 5th, representatives from Sources of Strength visited Satellite High and hosted an all day Sources of Strength informational seminar. Those who attended were teachers who want to be sponsors of the organization, as well as students who were recommended by other teachers and staff. Since then, the peer leaders at Satellite High held several meetings after, at which they engage in team building activities and discuss ways to spread positivity and the message out to the student body. Group shirts are in the process of being made, along with an informational peer-produced video to be broadcasted out to the entire school. Peer leaders at Satellite have started to send out the message by committing random acts of kindness, handing out lollipops that say “Sources of Strength” to spread awareness.

Member Addison Sorenson “[enjoys] being part of the group. Being a part of Sources of Strength not only is a great opportunity to help others, but you also get to form relationships with people in the group, as well as learn about yourself, and help yourself too.” “You get what you give,” adds member Emily Merritt, “You get what you put in. If you have the intentions of helping others, it should feel good to [do so], and it does. Sources of Strength makes me feel good because I know that I’m impacting others positively.”

To attend a meeting or for any questions, please speak to the Sources of Strength sponsor, Dr.Mitchell, in Building 8 Room 204. There will be another training for students who wish to become peer leaders next semester on Saturday, February 2, 2019, at 10 am-2pm in the Satellite High Media Center. You can join the Remind Group to know when the next meeting is by signing up here: www.remind.com/join/sourcesshs. For more information about the organization itself, please feel free to visit their website, https://sourcesofstrength.org/.

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