Soccer Recap: Week of 12/3

Faith Madsen, Staff

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Wednesday night, Satellite Women’s Soccer beat Eau Gallie in a 8-0 win (Varsity) and 9-1 win (JV). Varsity goals were scored by Zoie Gentelinger, Chloe Marsh, Rachel Derrick, Abbey Beres, Taylor Jackson, Meghan Graves, and Emma Pruett. JV goals were scored by Jadyn Groff, Mathilde Haenchburg, Angelina Peterson, Frankie Simpson, Olivia Mickey, and Maleah Moon.

Varsity also played Port St. Lucie resulting in an 8-0 win for Satellite. Goals were scored by Emma Pruett, Abbey Beres, Rachel Derrick, Morgan Gamin, Charlotte Irwin, and Zoie Gentzlinger.  Satellite plays Melbourne High on Monday, December 10th, JV at 5:30 and Varsity at 7:00.