Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

Thrift Finds and Inspiration

Taylor Rohleen, Editor-in-Chief

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Whether you’re broke, in need of new clothes, or simply want to change your look, thrift shopping is the perfect vessel to accomplish all of the above. After stopping by two stores, I thrifted five pieces for $16 and put them into two outfits. It turns out that I unintentionally created looks that resemble icons throughout history; so, enjoy the outfits, gather some inspo, and go thrifting!

Look no.1 – Ronald McDonald or Curious George?

Photo Credit Faith Madsen

I originally intended to create a vibrant, color-blocking look that paid homage to the 70s. But, as my friends analyzed my look, they realized that I looked less like a color bomb and more like I came out of a McDonald’s commercial or a children’s book.

I stuck with two colors, rust and pale yellow. The jeans are a flared, high-waisted cut that give major throwback vibes and have an oh-so-comfortable elastic waist. I paired them with a pale yellow t-shirt that has a soft, micromodal fabric. This material often pills from use, but I was lucky to find one in great condition at Goodwill. It has a box cut, so I half-tucked the shirt into my shorts to give some shape around my waist. This shirt matched my yellow Vans, which were not thrifted but added unity to the outfit. For my hair, I pulled it into a party pony with a floral scrunchie. It complements the outfit well, as the petals have similar tones to the jeans.


Look no.2 – Steve Jobs who?

A black turtleneck is a staple for any wardrobe. Though, it is often overpriced at traditional retail venues, which is when the magic of thrift stores comes into play: The sweater was $3.99, people, and it’s such high quality. The thread is tightly knit and cozy, whereas most are thin and itchy—quite the find. I tucked the sweater into a pair of bootcut denim that I rolled to cinch the flare. A major perk to thrifting denim is that they’re pre worn, so they move well with your body. These jeans, in particular, sit in the sweet spot—the natural waistline—and have a slight blemish in the left leg that adds a vintage touch. 

I’ve been searching for a sturdy, thick belt for the longest time, so finding this was like hitting the jackpot: There is a muted, floral pattern on one side and solid gold on the other. The best part is the cost—only $1.99! This literally tied together the look, since the jeans are slightly loose around the waist and tucking in a sweater tends to add bulk around the midsection.