Cozy Winter Playlist

December 16, 2018

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―Part II to the “Fall Feels” playlist. A list of songs for jamming out during this cold season, featuring a few Christmas songs.

❄️ “Poke Bowl” Radiant Children This mellow, jazzy beat detracts from the super sad and depressing lyrics.

❄️ “Get to You Again” Mac Ayres A slow, love-song-like anthem for anyone who is coupled up during this icy season.

❄️ “Simple Season” Hippo Campus This is a more indie-pop tune about everything to love about the “simple season” that is winter.

❄️ “8 Days of Christmas” Destiny’s Child A Christmas R&B anthem and a throwback.

❄️ “Epitaph” Hippo Campus “Epitaph” has a softer indie tune but reminds me of sitting on a bay window watching the snow.

❄️ Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” Mariah Carey Mariah didn’t have to pop off like this, but she did that for us.

❄️ “Night Drive” Ari Lennox Another upbeat, saxophone-y, jazzy song that’s not necessarily about Christmas or even winter, but it’s still a nice song for chilling while, say, driving at night.  

❄️ “True Love” Ariana Grande From her Christmas EP Christmas & Chill, this pop song will get you in your feelings this holiday season.

❄️ “No Place like Home” John Legend Legend released a new Christmas EP A Legendary Christmas filled with R&B and jazz songs, such as this one, that you’ll want to play all day.

❄️ “Hot Chocolate” Tyler, the Creator feat. Jerry Paper It is very outside of Tyler’s element to write an entire EP for a children’s movie, but he did an amazing job and it’s much like his album “Flower Boy,” which is very mellow.

❄️ “31/10” RKCB feat. Dave Gibson This typifies the beautiful fear of being deeply in love with someone.

❄️ “Alone With You” Canyon City Canyon City captures the sweet serenade of being alone with someone you love.

❄️ “Winter” Rosie Carney A hymn of winter loneliness, “Winter” is lowkey sad but still pretty good.

❄️ “Wonder” Honeywater Bliss. Living a love like a fantasy.

❄️ “Better Off” Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler This song is about loving someone but knowing it’s not going to work.

❄️ “Back To December” Taylor Swift A throwback for Swifties about regret and missing someone.

❄️ “Safe” Bay Ledges This is just a happy song with some acoustic guitar.

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