Tips for a Cold

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As of last week, winter weather has officially approached, and with it came students sick with colds. Colds have an interesting way of working when this weather approaches: For the first week, half of the school gets sick and they spread it to the other half, the following week. This system works until Winter Break begins and students go home to hide in their rooms, away from the chamber of sickness that is school. The worst part about it is that colds come just before midterm exams and it ends up being difficult to focus in class, because either you have a cold or someone else is loudly expressing that they have one. Below are a few tips for getting rid of a cold quickly, as well as how to prepare for midterms when plagued with a cold:


  • Eat Healthy: For most of us, it’s normal and expected to eat healthy, but for others we have to be in a certain mood or put in extra effort to eat this way. If you want to get rid of a cold quickly, try to be implement as many healthy habits as possible, because when you’re sick you aren’t healthy. Eat a muffin and scrambled eggs in the morning and pack or buy a lunch if you don’t usually do so.
  • Don’t Come to School if You Really Can’t: If you have a test in multiple classes or a big assignment due, I would recommend coming to school for those classes and maybe getting checked out afterwards if you don’t feel well enough. Once winter comes, it seems as though half of the school gets sick at the same exact time and those people spread the cold to everyone else throughout one week. It can disrupt class if you have to repeatedly get up to use a tissue or cough on the same desk that other students use throughout the day.
  • Try to Go to School As Much as You Can: This tip counteracts the previous one, but, in order to make sure you don’t miss anything important before exams, try to go to school. Make sure to blow your nose and take cough drops in order not to bother your classmates with sniffling and coughing. You should especially remember to use hand sanitizer as often as you can in order to avoid getting others sick.
  • Get Enough Sleep: It’s expected that sleeping will be on the list, but it can definitely help get rid of a cold. Go to bed before 11 PM (preferably 10-10:30), instead of the usual midnight or two in the morning, because your body won’t be awake enough to function well nor well-rested enough to heal you.
  • Drink Tea or Hot Chocolate: With a cold comes a sore throat and that means you’ll be craving something warm to drink. Scented tea smells nice and adding honey to it will help soothe the scratchy throat. Hot chocolate has basically the same effect as tea, because it is a hot drink. But, since it is December, you can soothe a sore throat while also celebrating Christmas and feeling festive.
  • Move around: When you have a stuffy nose, the worst thing to could do is to sit still. Moving around and doing simple tasks such as cleaning your room or decorating for Christmas can really help the stuffiness subside.
  • Take Medicine Often: Take cold medicine in the morning before school, around lunch time, when you get home from school, and before you go to bed. I usually take night medicine before bed and daytime medicine the rest of the time.