Going into Lacrosse Season

A Briefing on the Sport

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Going into Lacrosse Season

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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Girls lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that involves catching and throwing a ball with a long stick. The players use the stick at every point of the game. The Satellite High’s Girls Lacrosse Team is beginning their season with conditioning this week through next week. Come out and play the fastest growing sport. No prior experience is required. If you would like to play but don’t know anything about the sport, or you want to understand what is happening during the games, read on for a briefing of the sport:


Girls lacrosse includes 12 players on the field: three attack players, three defense players, five midfielders, and one goalie. Every player on the field should be familiar with each position in order to work together effectively.


Attack players are responsible for getting the ball to the opposite side to score goals. Players in this position may go up to the restraining line, ready to help their teammates if they have a turnover or the goalie needs to clear the ball.


Defense players are in charge of defending the opponent’s attack players. Their job is to prevent the other team from scoring.


Midfield players play both positions. Midfields run the entire field from the defensive area to the attack area. They have no limitations of where they can be on the field.


The goalie is responsible for stopping the ball from entering the goal. The goalie is the only player who can touch the ball with their hands, but she may only do this if she is inside the crease. Once the ball is in her stick, she has 10 seconds to release the ball or run it herself.


For people watching who don’t understand the sport, it can be hard to follow along and understand the penalties called by the referees. A few rules of the game are dangerous shot, 3 second rule, offside, empty stick check, and the crease. Dangerous shot is called when a player attempts to take a shot but doesn’t have the space to do so. Because of this, the player could accidentally hit a defense player. The 3 second rule is called on a defense player when she is inside the 8-meter arc for more than 3 seconds, if she is not defending an attack player. Offsides occur when there are more than 7 players in the offensive or defensive ends, meaning 4 players must stay behind the restraining line. A check in lacrosse occurs when a player quickly hits their stick on the opponent’s stick to retrieve the ball from them. An empty stick check is called when a player is checked when they do not have the ball in their stick. The crease is the area around the goalie that protects her, so, if a player enters the crease, a violation is called.


With the rapidly approaching lacrosse season, come to a game with your friends, or, better yet, join the team with them. If you are interested in playing, see Mr. Smith in Room 8-229.