What to Get & Do with Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

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What to Get & Do with Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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For couples, Valentine’s Day can be stressful to come up with things to do or get for your significant other. Below are a few ideas that can help you plan for this special day.


Go to Dinner:

  • Olive Garden – $$, casual dining specializing in American-Italian dishes
  • The Melting Pot – $$$, fondue restaurant
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen – $$, traditional American
  • Ichabod’s Dockside Bar & Grill – $$, seafood specialities
  • Makoto – $$, Japanese Steakhouse and sushi


What to Buy Girls

Makeup – Visit Ulta or Sephora and pick out some makeup you think she would like. Be sure to see their mini or value sets:

A stuffed animal – Walmart has giant teddy bears that any girl would like as a gift. You could also go to Build-A-Bear and build her a stuffed animal. They now have Valentine’s Day bears you can pick from, too. Prices range from $12-$65, depending on the size and bear you choose. You can also add voice recordings for $8.

Flowers – Flowers are always the best thing to get a girl. Go to the store and pick out her favorite flowers.

Chocolate – Chocolate and candy is always an easy gift to get anyone. Pick out a few of their favorite candies to add to their gift.

Perfume – Bath and Body Works has a wide range of perfumes, candles, lotion, and body wash. If you want to go all out, you can get her a set with her favorite scent. Victoria’s Secret also has nice perfume and lotion scents. You can also visit Macy’s for more fragrances.

Handwritten letters – Buy her a card or make one, and write something really nice to her. Girls love little notes and will keep them forever.


What to Buy Guys

Cologne – Dillard’s has a variety of expensive perfumes, with prices depending on the brand. Adidas “Moves” for men has a great scent and is available on Amazon from $17. You can also visit Macy’s for other options.

Watches – Nixon watches have a collection of watches to choose from. You can also go in stores to Tilly’s, Zumiez, Macy’s, and JCPenney’s in the Melbourne Mall to look at watches on display.

Hats – Almost every store in the mall sells hats. Some places are Zumiez, Tilly’s, and PacSun.

Candy – Pick out some of their favorite candy to add to their gift.

A card – You can be artistic and make a card or buy one. Write something nice to them that they can look back at.


Be creative! Go out of the box and make something that is meaningful. You can get ideas off the internet or Pinterest.