How to: Survive the Last Semester of High School

Makenzie Moesly, Staff

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Being a senior, it has become increasingly harder to find motivation to do almost anything school related. With graduation approaching, I have been uninspired to do homework or keep up with my online class. So, I consulted my friends, and these are some of their tips that have kept me from failing my classes.


Pace yourself. Just like your classes have deadlines for homework, give yourself deadlines for progress and completion. If you have to study, do your online class, and work on homework, pace yourself and divide it up throughout the week. Study a few days before leading up to the test. Don’t try to cram it all in one night, because your brain will explode and you will get frustrated and tired. Complete assignments for your online class over the weekend, so you don’t have to stress about it over the weekdays.


Give yourself rewards. Rewards could be anything. Allow yourself something to look forward to after you’ve completed your work. My friends have told me, “Once you’ve finished all your work, you can go do whatever you want without stressing that you have assignments to do.” This motivated me to get my stuff done in a timely manner.


Don’t sit in your bed. When you sit in your bed while doing homework, you’re more compelled to lay down and be tired. Instead, sit at a desk or your dining room table to complete your work, so you can look forward to laying in your bed once you’re done.


And remember, for some of you, this is your last year. Once May comes around, you will be graduating and leaving high school behind. Go to school events while you can, cherish the moments you have left, and don’t stress too much about your work.