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Stellar Scorps Issue IV

February 19, 2019

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Soccer playing, soul surfing, thrift shopping, Reed Zipperer is a 17 year old Satellite Beach native with a lifestyle like no other. I first met Reed my Junior year of highschool, we had psychology 1 and 2 together, but I’ve noticed him years prior, being that he stands out like no one else I’ve ever met and he easily became one of my favorite people. Obviously I admire Reed, he’s super interesting and has a lot going on. He has one of the kindest spirits out of anyone I’ve ever met, and everything about him is seemingly raw, natural, and genuine, I feel it’d be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t write an article about this kid.

Soccer: Zipperer has been playing soccer since he was 7 years old. Soccer season recently ended at Satellite, but he’s been playing for their varsity soccer team since 2017. He enjoys the comradery that comes with playing on his team with all his closest friends, as he states that his favorite part about soccer is, “the memories [he] makes with [his] friends.”


Friends & Family Life: Know that Reed cares about his friends and family more than anything else in the world. Wherever he is, his friends are there with him, and at the end of the day, he has his supportive family and his dog, Simba, to go back home to. Zipperer and his friends frequently go surfing, fishing, as well as bowling, an even roller skating, anything that they can all do together I suppose.

Clothing: What stands out to me the most about Reed is his fashion sense which he describes as “vintage” or  “retro”. “I like stripes and crazy colors,” describes Zipperer. “Just anything to not be normal. I want to be myself and with fashion I can do that.” He frequently shops at thrift stores like The Green Bean thrift in Indialantic, and goodwill, as well as Urban Outfitters, which he where he got my favorite shirt of his which is this checkered print button up that he needs to wear more but doesn’t for some reason.🤩

Music: In the time that I’ve known Reed, we’ve shared a ton of music with each other, so I have 3 whole playlists of songs Reed has shared with me. All very mellow and ndie, which gives light to his personality. Here’s my top 10 favorite songs Reed has recommended to me.

  1. Good as Gone – BOYO
  2. Veins – Palace
  3. Live Well – Palace
  4. Down the Line – Beach Fossils
  5. Messin’ Around – Goth Babe
  6. A Different Age – Current Joys
  7. Window – Joji
  8. Juvenescence – Verzache
  9. Freaks – Surf Curse
  10. Renee – SALES

321 Lifestyle: Reed and his friends have recently taken up the hobby of vlogging. They have a youtube channel they call 321 Lifestyle, where they post short videos of them hanging out, usually as the beach, as that’s typically what you’d do here in the 321. The channel is bred completely out of spontaneity, “making vids to make people smile and laugh basically,” which is something Reed does daily. Reed’s personality is best represented throughout the videos. You can see how he is with his friends, and his love for his town, it’s all super sincere

⭐Click below to watch their first video!⭐