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10 Songs by 10 Strong Women

March 12, 2019

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10 Songs by 10 Strong Women

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“Stellar” Jamila Woods – Jamila Woods puts a soulful spin on the band Incubus’  original soft rock song, Stellar, and she executes it beautifully.

“Whipped Cream” Ari Lennox – Jazzy, passionate, and soulful. Ari Lennox is a newer contemporary artist with a lot of variety within her  expressive songs, like this one.

“Same Ol’ Mistakes” Rihanna – Rihanna covers Tame Impala’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes” so well that people think this is her song. Her vocals on this track captivate you and almost puts you into a trance.

“The Night Song” Ravyn Lenae – This song screams self love, as Rayn sings about dressing up, going out with her friends , having a great time, and not having a care in the world. A mood.

“Go Gina” SZA – Ctrl was every girls’ anthem, and still continues to be. SZA sings about rooting for someone and wanting the best for them.

“Come Over”  The Internet – Syd, the lead singer of The Internet, invites you to “come over” and get lost in her vocals and melodies of their sweet-talking lyrics.

“Hold Up” Beyoncé – I’m still confused as to why Jay-Z would even consider cheating on Beyonce, but Yoncé writes these lyrics warning him that he dare not try that again.

“R.E.M.” Ariana Grande – Grande sings about being happily in love, so much so, that she feels that her partner is  “a dream to [her]” hence the title of the song.

“Way to the Show” Solange – Though this song is mostly instrumentals, along with most of the other songs on her new album, Solange’s voice along with the beat is soothing and calming.

“After the Storm” Kali Uchis – The lyrics to this song are incredibly uplifting as Kali sings of being your own hero and how things will be okay again, after the storm.

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