Telstar Digital Media

2018-2019 Staff

Taylor Rohleen


Student Body President. Captain of the Swim Team. FJCL Vice President. Dancing Queen.

Jazzarie Dawkins

Creative Director

Senior. Iced Coffee Aficionado. Fish Mom. Future writer.

Makenzie Moesly


Hi I’m Makenzie, I’m a senior at Satellite High School and this is my third year as a Telstar staff member.  I love iced coffee and dogs. When I’m not hanging out with my best friends, I’m probably playing lacrosse....

Lexi Rankin


Junior. Second year staff member. Lover of life.

Shania Campbell


My name is Shania Campbell and I’m in my second year as a Telstar staff member. I’m a very secretive and quiet person with just about everyone, so, if you’ve met me, don’t take it personally.

Elena Perez


I love dogs and cats, and I've been in Digital Media for two years!

Riley Thomas


I don't find myself to be interesting, but hopefully you will. I'm just a freshman who likes watching horror movies and having philosophical conversations with my best buds.

Faith Madsen


Freshman. Probably drinking coffee and laughing. Soccer player.

Blake Blanchard


Rower, gentleman, connoisseur of model trains. Will probably talk your ear off about random historical factoids.

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